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Catherine Shuster

I worked as a G.P. before retiring to bring up three children. Living my life at an intense and fast pace, I thought I could keep on pushing my body and trained to do triathlons whilst caring for the needs of my small children. This frenetic activity eventually took me into ME.  Since then,Yoga has been a very large part of my recovery.  I began to practice Yoga 16 years ago when I discovered, for the first time in my life, how to relax.  I am now a BWY trained teacher with a special qualification to teach children.  I have a passionate desire  to take yoga into schools to give children the skills and tools they need for a healthy body and mind.

A two year Satvik Energy Therapy course took me on a path of self–development which radically changed my life and gave me insight into the  growing modern malaise of addictive behaviour, whether it be drugs, alcohol, excessive exercise/overactivity or compulsive overeating.

My medical skills, healing, an understanding of the problems of addiction and the importance of a daily spiritual practice all serve to inform my Yoga practice and teaching.