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Logical Levels Diagnostic

The Logical Levels Inventory (LLi) has been created to provide direct access to a powerful profiling tool for people who are interested in their personal development and who want to achieve their highest potential.

Our vision is that:

  • every person has respect and compassion for others, and seeks to create a sustainable society that cares about the well-being of current and future generations.
  • the value of organisations is measured by their contribution to society and development of their employees, as well as their financial results
  • individuals have heightened conscious awareness and, as a result, feel more alive and are able to express themselves freely and authentically.

We want to help to release the potential, energy and passion within organisations and our aim is to:
  • help people improve their self-awareness through understanding more about what influences how they behave as they do
  • provide a tool that gives coaches more information and insight about their clients
  • identify key aspects of a person’s preferred style and highlight where changes might improve their success in any area of life, whether that is current job, career, relationships or health
In support of this, we have created an on-line testing system for individuals and organisations, which includes several self assessment questionnaires.  At the heart of this system is the Logical Levels Inventory.  This is based on the Logical Levels model, developed by Robert Dilts.

Take a look at the extended Logical Levels model and associated questionnaires here