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Steve Roche

I’ve been involved in professional coaching since the early 90s, and in personal development for 20+ years, working with people business, therapeutic & voluntary organisations. I’m passionate about helping people develop to their full capacity, to clear limitations and achieve their potential in life. 

Coaching is a close working relationship focussed on helping you make positive changes in your life. We clarify your wants and needs, set goals and targets, and help you work towards them. We identify problems and obstacles and find ways to clear them. I support you all the way through to achieving what you want from your life.   
Coaching is practical and action-focussed, based on what’s happening in your life right now. While we work together, I support you in every way I can. With expert one-to-one focus on your current issues, you make rapid progress.
My business background includes project management, facilitation, training & consultancy. I’m an NLP specialist, workshop leader and life coach, with a degree in philosophy and many years training in personal development. My past includes professional acting, stand-up, and quiz shows (winner of The Weakest Link).
I write for websites, blogs, books and business products. I’m author of ‘Action Learning – Using the Power of Group Thinking’, and 'What's On Top?', and a contributor to ‘A Coach’s Story’, to be published shortly.